Monday, November 10, 2014

271--Write a Very Short Play--Due November 17!

Write a very short play for your characters. It can be as short as four sentences!

Sunday, November 9, 2014


Frottage is French for rubbing. This is a printmaking process that is clean!

Aims: To explore the technique of frottage
To create a thematic print

Paper such as xerox paper or fadeless. Thick paper will not work well.
Optional: Texture Plates (available in art stores)

Choose your theme. It may be something as easy as shapes or something based on your curriculum. Talk about texture and where we might find it. Introduce the word “frottage” and explain the process.

Have students draw an outline of their picture. Next, let them find textures around the room (or school) to rub. Each area might have a different texture or else they can use the same thing again and again. You might also try adding a second color over the rubbing without moving the paper.

There are so many variations to this process. Your initial drawing could be in sharpie. Or students might do a rubbing of their sneaker and then have to turn it into something such s a car, building, alien, butterfly, etc.

Always share work and be sure to display it if possible.