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131-Face Books Lesson Plan

Facebook Lesson Plan--Grades 4 and up

This is a fun book to make, pure and simple! It was inspired by a book my children had many years ago.

•To create an interactive, creative book
•To invent unusual characters and details that will “morph” into each other
•To learn how to use a ruler and measure
•To learn about the surrealist game of the Exquisite Corpse

Materials & Tools:
Bristol board or oak tag (several sheets)
pencil, eraser
colored pencils, sharpie markers, crayons, colored markers
stapler, tape

Establish guidelines for your students or you’ll be driven insane. Have the sizes of the “cuts” established as well as the side margins on each cut.
I’ve always measured the whole page and cut last but after making one, you may choose to cut first.
Plan on dividing the pages into four or five sections. Each section will not be the same size! The top section will probably be bigger than the eye area, etc. One basic 5-section example might be 3” hat/hairline/2” eyes and eyebrows/1 1/2” nose/2 1/2” lips and chin/3” neck to body. Like our exquisite corpse animal, the margins must mesh, so make each piece a set size--say the hat piece 1” on each side and the eye piece 3/4” on each side, etc.
Motivate your students by talking first about Surrealism and then about crazy hairstyles, hats, jewelry, costumes, etc. that they might be able to come up with. You might have some picture library examples which will spark ideas and your discussion.
Next then need to measure out their sheets. This might be boring, but make them learn how to use a ruler!
Have each student do at least four different faces, letting them be a bit silly but not mean. They will then color in their books. Have students cut their pages leaving about 3/4” on left side for strength.
Assemble the books by stapling the left edges together. I like the idea of making a solid cover which could be slightly bigger and glued to the staples “spine.” You may come up with other variations.

Your students will love seeing some of the wacky combinations that will come up.

•Have your students make books made up of one page of their own and three from other friends.
•Do the whole figure of various people or creatures.
•My student, Delia, had the great idea of having students do probability
lessons using these books.

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