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272-Inked Glue Drawings

Accordion Books

Accordion Books [K (with some help)- adult]
This is a book arts technique from Japan, that works well for all ages of elementary students. It could be a stand-alone art project or be have a cross-curricular aspect to it.

•To create an original book
•To learn about cultural connections (Japan)
•To integrate academic curriculum into your art lessons (optional)

Materials & Tools:
Scratch paper for planning
2 pieces of chipboard or heavy cardboard a bit bigger than the folded page size of your book
white paper cut, folded (and glued by overlapping if necessary) to make even numbered folded stack with correct number of pages (see below). Rice paper is another, more expensive possibility.
Paper for covering cardboard covers--4” larger on top and bottom (for an 8 x 10 cover, you’d want 12 x 14” cover paper)
pencil, eraser, scissors, tape, white glue
Sharpie markers, watercolors, watercolor brush, water can
Colored pencils
Ribbon or string for tying

Decide the theme for your lesson. It could be a book without words, a book about one’s family, a creative story, etc. Have your students work out their stories on scratch paper (4-6 folds is a good number). You need to have a long, folded sheet have 2 more sections than your story, so for a 4-panel story you need six sections and for a 6-panel story you need eight. Keep the numbers even so the book glues together well.
Fold the panels to make equal sections, gluing on extra paper if necessary by overlapping slightly (The seam will disappear once the panel is colored, so don’t worry about it). It might be easier if you give your class the same specifications--say 6 panels for everybody, because then the construction will be the same for everyone.
Draw, sharpie and color the insides as desired.
Next, make your covers. The cardboard should be a little bit bigger than our folded pages for the best possible look. Cover the cardboard by cutting your paper 4” each way (2” per side). Draw “envelope” flaps on all four sides, directly from the corners. You are making angled lines going inward on each side--not outward!!!! Cut out the odd-looking corner shapes which will resemble a triangle with a drooping bottom. Fold over each flap and tape down. This side will be the inside of your front and back covers. Tape ribbon on the left side for the cover and the right side for the back. Glue the end “extra” pages over the inside covers, tie your book closed and you have an accordion book.

Share your books as always.

Use other materials such as collage. Books can open up and down, too.

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Welcome to Our Blog

This site is for Julia Healy's Art for Teachers of Children courses at QCC/Cuny. Check in with it for the latest in class cancellation, assignments, news, etc.

Today's class will be focusing on:
  • Assembling and critiquing our Exquisite Corpse
  • 271 will be painting a shoebox using gradations (shading and tints) and complimentary colors. We will also be learning paint set-up, brush use and clean-up tips.
  • 272 will be collaging a shoebox and drawing with glue, the latter to be completed next week, once dry.